The Old Man’s Jeff Bridges on ‘most physical role’: ‘More fight scenes than all my films!’

Hollywood star Jeff Bridges is well-known for appearing in blockbuster action films such as Iron Man, Tron Legacy and True Grit over the course of his stunning, decades-long career. He now stars in FX’s new thriller series, The Old Man, which is coming to Disney+ in the UK and has recently opened up about the challenges of filming the series following his battles with lymphoma and Covid.

The Old Man’s leading man has revealed his first TV project in years may have been his most physically demanding role yet.

Jeff stars as former CIA agent Dan Chase who abandons his quiet life of solitude when his old friend and FBI rival Harold Harper (played by John Lithgow) is tasked with tracking him down.

Before the US series finally comes to UK audiences on Disney+, Jeff was asked if his performance as Dan was his most physical at the preview screening in London.

“I think so,” he replied. “You know, I love stunts and fight scenes and stuff.”

“And this one, here, I think I’ve done more fight scenes in this show than all my films put together.”

Jeff worked closely with some familiar stunt performers, who clued him into their work on some of the best action available in Hollywood right now.

“We had some incredible stunt supervisors,” he recalled. “Tim Connolly, Henry Kingi Jr and a stunt guy I’ve worked with for years, Thomas DuPont.

“And they… they’re just the state-of-the-art. I asked Tim, ‘What is the state-of-the-art as far as fight scenes go?’”

“He said, ‘Have you ever seen Atomic Blonde?’ And I hadn’t. But you know the scene down all those stairs like that!

“And I hadn’t seen that, and I watched it and thought, ‘I’m in good hands. These guys know what they’re doing.’

In addition to Charlize Theron, Atomic Blonde featured several fight performers and choreographers who have also worked on John Wick, The Matrix and Marvel franchises.

After witnessing some of the film’s best sequences, which include a long and brutal fight scene down a flight of stairs, Jeff knew he was in safe hands on the set of The Old Man.

As for his favourite move he performs in the series, Jeff revealed: “Heel to the testicles!”

Throughout the production of The Old Man, Jeff’s role in the series was made even more demanding following his diagnosis of lymphoma.

“They found a nine-by-12 inch mass in my stomach,” he remembered.

“It’s lymphoma cancer, and they don’t know the chemo cocktail will be that will cure it. But they finally did it, they finally figured it out and it just imploded.”

“The capper is… I open a letter from the treatment centre where I get my chemo, and it says, ‘It’s possible you have been exposed to Covid’.

“That turned out to be true, and the Covid made my cancer look like nothing.

“In the chemo treatment, you strip your immune system so I had nothing to fight the Covid. I was very close to death a couple of times. I didn’t think I was going to work again.

“But two years later I show up to work like it’s been a long weekend! Like, ‘Guys, I’ve had the most bizarre dream!’”

Thankfully, not only was Jeff able to make a full recovery to begin work on The Old Man again, he’ll soon be returning to California to get started on the thriller’s second season.

The Old Man premieres Wednesday, September 28 on Disney+ in the UK.

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  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Shaynna Blaze proposes ‘craziest’ home design idea yet on new renovation show Country Home Rescue

    Shaynna Blaze has unveiled her ‘crazy’ idea for the dilapidated mansion her family is renovating on Country Home Rescue.

    The interior designer, 58, revealed on Wednesday’s episode that she was adding a bell tower to the home, a detail she believes would enhance the structure’s already rustic aesthetic.

    ‘I think the idea of having a bell tower really explains how crazy I am,’ she joked on the show.

    Shaynna said that, although her son Jesse and daughter Carly weren’t initially sold on the idea of a bell tower, it was not something she was prepared to ‘compromise on’.

    ‘There’s something about the bell tower that makes the house feel magical. You look at it and go ‘that was always meant to be there,” she cooed.

    During the episode, Shaynna showcased the nearly completed bell tower to her friends, and they were shocked at how perfectly it complemented the rest of the luxurious property.

    ‘It is brilliant. To say I love it is not enough,’ one gushed.

    Channel Nine’s Country Home Rescue follows Shaynna and her children as they set out to convert a dilapidated two-storey mansion in rural Victoria.

    Fans can expect plenty of drama as The Block judge and childrern attempt to bring the 120-year-old property back to life as a ‘forever home’.

    The house is located in Kyneton, Victoria, not far from where the current season of The Block was filmed, reports TV Blackbox.

    Shaynna originally purchased the property to flip rather than live in, but ended up falling in love with the place.

    Country Home Rescue airs Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Hilary Duff keeps it casual cool in pink sweater and jeans while out in LA.

    Hilary Duff enjoyed a casual outing after revealing she suffered from a ‘horrifying’ eating disorder when she was 17 in year 2004.

    The 35-year-old star was seen stepping out of Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles after grabbing a bite with friends on Tuesday.

    She looked comfortable yet stylish as she sported a pink knit sweater with blue jeans and brown leather booties.

    The Lizzie McGuire star accessorized with a brown leather bag strapped over her shoulder and a matching belt with a big silver buckle.

    Her blonde tresses were worn down over her shoulders as she sported natural complementary make-up on her face.

    Hilary was reportedly keeping busy as she was seen filming a project at Paramount Studios.

    The star kept busy today with filming a project at Paramount Studios.

    Recently the talented actress has reflected on the impact of childhood fame and the pressure she felt as a teenage actress in the public eye.

    ‘Because of my career path, I can’t help but be like, “I am on camera and actresses are skinny.” It was horrifying,’ she told Women’s Health Australia January 2023 issue.

    The How I Met Your Father and Lizzie McGuire actress revealed she has learned to appreciate her health and embrace a new focus.

    She explained: ‘[I’m] appreciating my health, doing activities that make me feel strong instead of just bettering the outside of my body.

    ‘Spending time with people that make me feel good and share similar views on health and body positivity and getting enough sleep and balance in my diet.’

    She has worked with personal trainer Dominic Leeder, and he noted the way he approaches fitness for his clients.

    He explained: ‘The most common unrealistic goal people have is wanting to lose a significant amount of weight, fast.

    ‘I feel that it’s exacerbated by a lot of famous people who have gone on, what I would call, a fad diet, and lost an incredible amount of weight.

    ‘They take photos, you see it, but no one knows what happens after that. And often with fad diets, things deteriorate straight away afterwards.

    ‘Reaching your fitness goals is more of a marathon than it is a sprint. And making it a marathon means that my main focus for my clients is to not just to reach their goal but to keep their goal. And doing it quickly often doesn’t allow them to keep it.’

    Meanwhile, earlier this year Hilary – who has son Luca, 10, with ex Mike Comrie and four-year-old daughter Banks and 19-month-old daughter Mae with husband Matthew Koma – celebrated her body with a nude photoshoot for Women’s Health magazine’s Body Issue.

    She said at the time: ‘I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me. I’ve gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through.

    ‘I also want people to know a makeup artist was there putting glow all over my body and someone put me in the most flattering position.’

  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Ashley Graham goes hell for leather as she hits the stage to speak at 92nd Street Y in New York City

    Ashley Graham took the stage at the esteemed New York City cultural institution the 92nd Street Y to be interviewed Wednesday.

    The 35-year-old model and body positivity icon was clad in Manhattan black, including a tight leather cocktail dress.

    Wrapping herself in a black leather jacket that hung loosely in biker chic style, she balanced expertly on a towering pair of platform heels.

    Fern Mallis, the creator of what became New York Fashion Week, was on hand to interview the plus-size model about her impact on their industry.

    Ashley is the latest guest on Fashion Icons, a series of conversations Fern has been hosting for the 92nd Street Y for over a decade.

    Past guests have included such top-flight designers as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and the late Oscar De La Renta.

    Another was the acclaimed photographer Arthur Elgort, who is nowadays better known as the father of West Side Story actor Ansel Elgort.

    Bob Mackie, the legendary costume designer who is particularly beloved for his work with Cher, was also selected to be part of Fern’s interview series.

    Hugely respected fashion editor Polly Mellen and the model Iman, who is also David Bowie’s widow, were also among the luminaries Fern interviewed onstage.

    Over the years the 92nd Street Y has welcomed a dazzling array of iconic cultural figures for scintillating onstage conversation.

    Writers ranging from Fran Lebowitz and Christopher Hitchens to Bob Woodward and Malcolm Gladwell have joined their ranks.

    So have comedians like Joan Rivers and Colin Quinn, musicians such as Paul McCartney and Nas and Old Hollywood troupers like Debbie Reynolds.

    On the personal front, Ashley became a mother of three in January when she gave birth to her twin sons Roman and Malachi.

    She has been married to her husband Justin Ervin since 2010 and they are also the proud parents of a two-year-old called Isaac.

  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: It’s business as usual for the King’s scandal-hit former fixer Michael Fawcett

    His critics would have hoped that, after resigning as chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation amid the so-called ‘cash for honours’ affair, Michael Fawcett would retire from commercial activity.

    But Fawcett, 60, who began his career in royal service as a Buckingham Palace footman, is made of sterner stuff. I can reveal that, far from shutting up shop, he and his wife, Debbie — a former Palace housemaid — are intent on maintaining, and expanding, their hospitality business.

    ‘They’ll make it through this challenging time. They’ve got to — financially speaking,’ I’m told by a guest who attended parties which Fawcett orchestrated and oversaw as the then Prince Charles’s right-hand man.

    ‘All the events I’ve been to that Michael Fawcett has organised have been immaculate,’ adds my informant. ‘His attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully organised. That was why the King, as Prince of Wales, used him.’

    Buoyed by this support, the Fawcetts have resisted trimming back staff numbers at Premier Mode, the events company they established 16 years ago. Although the firm suffered when Fawcett resigned from The Prince’s Foundation last year, it is still worth £80,000 — even after allowing for payment of bills totalling nearly £126,000, according to figures just published at Companies House.

    There has been just one change in the company’s set-up: the couple’s son, Oliver, 26, who, like his sister Emily, 28, became a director in 2018, has stepped down. But it remains a family affair, with Fawcett its majority shareholder.

    Fawcett’s position as Charles’s aide had become untenable following claims he had offered to try to secure a knighthood and British citizenship for Saudi tycoon Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, who ultimately donated more than £1.5 million to royal charities including The Prince’s Foundation.

    Separate turkeys for the Jaggers?

    It was very much a case of Paint It Black for two of the women in Sir Mick Jagger’s life. The Rolling Stone’s ex-wife Bianca and their only daughter, Jade, both wore dark outfits for a party to celebrate the latter’s jewellery range at The Savoy hotel in London.

    Fashion model turned human rights activist Bianca, 77, opted for a long black leather trenchcoat, while 51-year-old designer Jade kept it simple in a little black dress which she paired with some of her best bling.

    It remains to be seen whether the pair will spend Christmas together, with Bianca telling me: ‘Hopefully I’ll see my daughter, but I normally spend Christmas in London with friends.’

    Aristocratic TV chef Gizzi Erskine’s departure seems to have led to the closure of the restaurant she co-founded last year with Libertines musician Carl Barat in Margate, Kent.

    She quit in July as executive chef of the Love Cafe, explaining that it was evolving into something she ‘wasn’t entirely happy with’.

    The venue, which opened with the promise of being a ‘sandwich bar on steroids’ is now ‘permanently closed’ and back on the rental market.

    Harry hits jarring note for comic Frank

    Prince Harry poses with a guitar in a trailer for his reality show with Meghan (pictured), but Frank Skinner is unconvinced.

    ‘The chord he’s playing is one I’ve never seen before,’ the comedian says. ‘So Buzz, my son, who’s ten, said: ‘Hold on a minute…’.

    ‘He got our guitar and we froze the frame and he hit the chord. It was the ugliest sound.’

    Skinner adds: ‘I wonder if maybe Harry is trying to represent the discord they endured at the Palace? But I think more likely he was trying to pretend he could play guitar in a strange Owl And The Pussy-Cat sort of way.’

    Mum’s the word, says Duchess

    Prince Andrew daren’t show his face in polite company these days, but the rest of his family are having fun.

    His daughter Princess Beatrice cuddled his ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess of York (pictured) at a festive event at Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair. They were at the Lady Garden Gala, in aid of the gynaecological health charity.

    Fergie, 63, who still shares Royal Lodge, Windsor, with the Duke of York, says she’s proud of how Beatrice, 34, and her sister, Princess Eugenie, 32, have handled motherhood. ‘They were great children, but now they’re phenomenal mothers,’ she says.

    Marjorie Wallace, founder of mental health charity SANE, was in a confessional mood this week at a special screening in London’s Courthouse Hotel of The Silent Twins — a film based on her book about the true and desperate story of June and Jennifer Gibbons (in cinemas tomorrow).

    ‘What’s a Sunday afternoon treat? Going to visit the twins in Broadmoor,’ she says. ‘It wasn’t the favourite expedition for my family.’

    It wasn’t made any easier, Wallace tells me, when Broadmoor staff repeatedly mistook her for someone visiting another inmate — the Yorkshire Ripper.

    ‘They always thought that I was Peter Sutcliffe’s wife, Sonia,’ Wallace explains.

    We all know he’s a master baker, but Paul Hollywood, 56, is also a secret genius. ‘I did a Mensa test when I left school,’ The Great British Bake Off judge says. ‘I was in the top two per cent. That’s weird. In school, I ended up with one O-level, which was art. And that was it.’ Nevertheless, he still managed to make plenty of dough.

  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Sarah Jayne Dunn and Zara Holland stun at the Look Fantastic x GHD Christmas party

    Sarah Jayne Dunn and Zara Holland both put on glamorous displays as they stepped out at the Look Fantastic x GHD Christmas party on Wednesday night.

    The pals appeared to be in jovial spirits as they walked arm-in-arm while arriving at Rosso Restaurant in Manchester for the glitzy festive bash.

    Sarah Jayne, 41, cut an elegant figure in a white satin gown patterned with small purple flower patterns and featuring chic bow-tie sleeves.

    She added a touch of glitz to her ensemble with a pair of pointed silver stilettos and accessorised with a sparkling silver bangle and hoop earrings.

    The Hollyoaks actress accentuated her natural beauty with a high-glamour make-up palette and styled her golden locks loosely in a straight fashion.

    She was joined by her pal Zara, 27, who put on a very leggy display in a black mini dress embellished with sequins.

    The former Love Island star gave herself a few extra inches with a pair of strapped heels and slung a black handbag over one shoulder.

    She wore her blonde tresses in loose waves cascading across her shoulders and bolstered her good looks with a slick of mascara and a touch of blusher.

    Their latest outing comes after Sarah Jayne took to Instagram in October to write a poignant message to mark a year since she joined OnlyFans.

    The star, who was sacked from Hollyoaks after joining the site, said she had ‘zero regrets’ over her decision and that she was ‘grateful’ for the opportunities it had given her.

    She admitted that joining the online subscription service was ‘scary as hell’ at first but that it had since taken her down a journey of ‘freedom and taking back control’.

    She penned: ‘One year on. One year ago today I stood my ground for one of the first times in my life.

    ‘It was scary as hell, I didn’t really know what direction this journey would take me in, I just knew that I had to do what was right for me and my family, and standing my ground and following my heart and my gut has taken me on the most exciting journey over the last year.

    ‘A journey of freedom, empowerment, taking back control, joy and fun. I believe everything happens for a reason and I have zero regrets over my choices.’

    She said that she was thrilled by the amount of support she had received, and was happy to be empowering other women.

    ‘It’s never too late to throw a plot twist into your life story, we only get this life once and this chance once, so you do you and do it to the maximum. Here’s to another year of making waves,’ she added.

    Sarah Jayne now reportedly earns around £7,000 per week from posting racy lingerie snaps to OnlyFans, where subscribers pay to see her posts.

  • 10 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Chris Hemsworth solves the case of his missing Logie award from his Home and Away days

    Chris Hemsworth has an illustrious acting career decorated with awards, but there has been much mystery surrounding the whereabouts of one particular award.

    The 39-year-old Thor actor’s 2005 Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor went missing during his time as a dreamy soap star on Home and Away.

    It later turned up in his friend Luke Zocchi’s home after going on the strangest journey, Hemsworth told the Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

    ‘So my Logie, it is funny… I had no idea where it was. My mate [personal trainer] Luke Zocchi, it was at his house,’ the movie star said.

    ‘It was at my parents house in the toilet at one point. It was in the living room at another mate’s house and then it miraculously turned up recently.’

    He went on to reveal the award was now ‘in the toy box for the kids’ and his wife, actor Elsa Pataky, still didn’t understand what it was.

    In 2005, Hemsworth also won Most Popular New Talent Male before once again winning Most Popular Actor in 2006.

    The awards honoured his performance as Kim Hyde in Home and Away from 2004 to 2007, which led to his big Hollywood career.

    Most recently, Hemsworth received the Trailblazer Award at the 2022 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards in Sydney on Wednesday night.

    Hemsworth beamed as he stepped on stage to receive his award from pal and fellow actor Russell Crowe, with whom he starred in Thor: Love and Thunder.

    Crowe, 58, who is the president of the Academy Awards, burst with pride as he watched Hemsworth give his acceptance speech from the side of the stage.

    Speaking to red carpet host Angela Bishop ahead of the ceremony, Hemsworth spoke of how he felt after being informed he’d be receiving the Trailblazer Award.

    ‘I got a text from Russell [Crowe] about it,’ the Bondi hunk explained. ‘And I said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s amazing!’ Then I said, ‘Would you present it to me?’ He said, ‘Absolutely.’ So I’m honoured from every angle.’

    It’s the first time the Ghostbusters star has received a prize from the organisation, with his only nomination coming in 2020 for Global Star of the Decade.

    The former soap star, who joins previous winners Simon Baker, Isla Fisher and Rose Byrne, said he didn’t take his start in the Australian screen industry for granted.

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Showbiz The Old Man’s Jeff Bridges on ‘most physical role’: ‘More fight scenes than all my films!'