‘She’d kill you’ Joan Crawford shuts down interviewer in probe over Bette Davis feud

Joan Crawford was an Oscar-winning actress, dancer and executive, who was best known for films like, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and Mildred Pierce. Despite working alongside Bette Davis for a number of years, it was widely reported that the Hollywood legends didn’t have the best of friendships, and their feud lasted up until their deaths.

In an episode of BBC Four’s Talking Pictures, the programme looks at unearthed footage of the duo during the height of their careers.

As well as showing clips of the pair working together, it also shared an insight into the actresses’ family lives.

In one interview with Film Profile from 1967, Joan opened up about what it was like working with Bette.

When asked about her feud with her co-star, the interviewer pronounced Bette’s name in a different way.

Shutting down the interviewer instantly, Joan explained Bette would hate for her name to be said in that way.

“She’d killed you if she heard you say, Bette,” the actress explained. “She’s a fascinating actress, Bette Davis.

“I didn’t have time to be friends with her because we only did the one picture movie.”

Meanwhile, Joan went on to discuss one scene she hated doing in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Referring to the “dead rat scene”, Joan explained she was very “frightened” when shooting it.

The scene she referred to was when Bette’s character brought her a dead rat for dinner.

However, the actress admitted she refused to rehearse that moment with anything but an empty plate.

“And when I knew the cameras were ready, then I said, ‘You may bring it on’.

“But something went wrong technically with the camera and I said, ‘Don’t take the lid off. Take it away’.”

Despite the mishap, Joan remained professional and continued with the scene as if nothing had happened.

She recalled: “I still kept the emotion ready for it, and when the technical things were fixed… the camera and the lights, then we went in and away we went… take one.

“I think if you rehearse too much with the actual rodent, I almost said animal because it looks so big.

“But it is a rodent. I believe the rat and of course, the dead bird too, it’s just awful.”

She later went on to say: “It was wonderful to do those scenes.

“You want to bring the audience in with you so close to you.

“You want to put them in your lap in the palm of your hand.”

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  • 23 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    Strictly Come Dancing star hits back over dance experience probe ‘No technical training!’

    Fleur East is one of 15 famous faces hoping to impress the likes of Anton du Beke, Craig Revel Harwood, Shirley Ballas and Most Mabuse as part of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up. The BBC competition is no stranger to signing up performers who may have had experience or training when it comes to dance or music but Fleur has since claimed her background won’t automatically put her ahead of her co-stars.

    The former X Factor star joins Matt Goss, Molly Rainford and Kym Marsh as the only three Strictly stars to have experience singing and dancing on stage.

    However, while Kym and Molly have both moved into the world of acting, only Matt and Fleur have continued their careers as musical performers.

    Elsewhere in the cast of 2022 are the likes of former footballer Tony Adams, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams and The One Show’s Richie Anderson to name a few without any dance experience.

    However, speaking to Ranvir Singh, who’s competed on the show herself, Fleur directly addressed the possibility of being at an advantage.

    Ranvir quizzed: “Listen, everyone knows you can dance, everybody knows you know how to deal with a live big Saturday night competition show, you did it all.

    “Do you feel like the pressure’s on you to be top of the leaderboard every week?

    “That must be in your head somewhere,” Ranvir insisted but Fleur was quick to lower expectations.

    The former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star replied: “Yeah, there’s too much pressure, I’m so nervous, Ranvir.

    “Because I can dance in the club, you know what I mean? And I can dance on stage.

    “But I’ve never done any technical dancing, so I don’t know anything about ballroom, like how to point a toe or spin, any kind of stuff like that.

    “Put me on TikTok and I’m away but this is ballroom, this is a completely different level.

    “You’ve done the show so you need to give me some advice, Ranvir,” Fleur cheekily ended her retort.

    Ranvir instead highlighted another possible string in Fleur’s bow, suggesting her experience in the fitness world will give her an edge.

    “I don’t think I can because the great thing about you is not only that, but I don’t think people realise that you are a professional personal trainer,” Ranvir pointed out.

    “You are so fit,” she added before telling Fleur the lengthy days of rehearsals take their toll.

    But will Fleur have what it takes to impress the Strictly judges given her previous experience?

    As well as the aforementioned star, there are plenty of other big names who’ll take to the dance floor.

    Countryfile alum Helen Skelton and Hamza Yassin join comedians Jayde Adams and Ellie Taylor in the line-up.

    While EastEnders’ Martin Bye and Coronation Street’s Will Mellor will also perform.

    Paralympian Ellie Simmonds and DJ Tyler West complete the line-up.

  • 23 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    JK Rowling begs for ‘support’ as Salman Rushdie comments spark vile death threats

    JK Rowling, 57, has received death threats after she shared her words of support for author Salman Rushdie after he was stabbed on stage while giving a lecture in New York. Following the incident on Friday, JK took to Twitter to condemn the “horrifying news” and added: “Feeling very sick right now. Let him be ok.”

    Following her tweets, JK received several death threats and shared screenshots of the cruel comments on Saturday.One user, named Meer, responded to the Harry Potter author, saying: “Don’t worry you are next.”In a separate tweet, Meer branded Salman’s alleged attacker, Hadi Matar, 24, a “revolutionary Shia fighter following the fatwa of late Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini”.Khomeini, the former supreme leader of Iran, had issued a fatwa in 1989 ordering Salman Rushdie’s death following the publication of his controversial book, The Satanic Verses.

    After sharing her plea for “support”, JK confirmed that the police are now involved.She wrote: “To all sending supportive messages: thank you. Police are involved (were already involved on other threats).”Worryingly, another user called Addie also threatened JK by saying, “You’re next”, in a now-deleted tweet.Another, named Rick, wrote: “Anti-feminist transphobe I hope something wayyyy worse happens to you.”

    JK hit back at him directly, quipping: “You seem lovely, Rick. Will you be deleting your account immediately or hanging around to see what happens next?”The author also raged at a user called Rob who urged her to “get off social media” instead of “complaining” about the threats she had received.He said: “Without a public platform these morons can’t get to you, so why have a public platform and then complain? It’s amazing to me that the answer is so simple, get off SM and get on with your life.”JK sarcastically responded: “Good to know you’re confident that the worst I’ve had are Twitter threats, Rob, that’s a great comfort to me. And such a simple solution! I’ll inform the relevant authorities you’ve fixed the problem.”

    Express.co.uk has contacted Twitter for comment.Several other notable names have also voiced their support for Salman Rushdie following the shocking incident.Stephen King tweeted: “I hope Salman Rushdie is okay. What kind of a**hat stabs a writer, anyway? F***er!”

    Comedian David Baddiel wrote: “It’s appalling what has happened to Salman Rushdie. It’s also appalling that there are people who will think he brought it on himself or somehow deserved it.” And Emmanuel Macron echoed: “For 33 years, Salman Rushdie has embodied freedom and the fight against obscurantism. “He has just been the victim of a cowardly attack by the forces of hatred and barbarism. His fight is our fight; it is universal. Now more than ever, we stand by his side.”

  • 33 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    Harry Styles ‘should headline Glastonbury’ says Kim Wilde who admits that she has a crush on star

    Kim Wilde wants Harry Styles to headline Glastonbury next year – admitting she has a crush on the star.

    The 61-year-old singer thinks the former One Direction star, 28, is ‘very cute’ but also has the talent and personality to top the bill on the world-famous music festival’s Pyramid Stage next year.

    Harry had previously been rumoured to headline the Worthy Farm extravaganza this June, but Sir Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar were given the honour.

    Speaking to Best UK, the 80s pop star said of the Golden’ singer: ‘Well I do think he’s very cute. I have to stay.

    ‘He’s like a breath of fresh air. I love his voice; I love his fashion style.

    ‘So yes, I have a wee crush on Harry. He should play Glastonbury next year.’

    The Kids In America hitmaker confessed in a previous issue of the magazine that she fancies the singer – who is dating another Wilde, actress-and-filmmaker Olivia Wilde, 38.

    Asked who her celebrity crush is, Kim said: ‘Don’t laugh … Harry Styles!

    ‘If he walked into my house, I think I would blush.’

    Kim also recalled falling ‘passionately in love’ with the late David Bowie when she supported him on tour, though she knew she wouldn’t ‘get a look in’.

    She said: ‘I fell passionately in love with Bowie – but he was in love with his wife-to-be at the time, Iman – I didn’t get a look in.

    ‘I loved him from afar.

    ‘As soon as I saw him, I thought, ‘My God, you are the most incredible person.’

    ‘How could you not love David Bowie?!’

  • 33 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    Anne Heche hoped to be remembered for giving her children ‘a life that they love’

    Anne Heche died on Friday at age 53 after she was declared brain dead following her fiery car crash a week earlier.

    Shortly after her death, a brief 2017 interview that she did with Access Hollywood at the premiere of her film The Last Word recirculated, which featured her revealing how she hoped to be remembered after her death.

    In the clip, the actress shared that she hoped to be remembered for giving a good life to her children, Homer Laffoon, 20, and Atlas Heche Tupper, 13.

    ‘Since the movie is called The Last Word, and given what it’s about, what do you hope people would say about you as far as last words go?’ the interviewer asked her.

    The question seemed to take Heche aback, and she was gathered speechless as she formulated her thoughts.

    ‘Oh… Oh Lord, oh Lord…’ she murmured. ‘Hopefully that I made my children happy.’

    As the interviewer tried to talk over her, Heche added that she hoped she ‘gave them a life that they love.’

    She played a supporting role in The Last Word, which starred Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried in the lead roles. MacLaine played a woman planning for her imminent death, while Seyfried starred as a writer who helped her write her own obituary.

    After her death, Anne’s oldest son Homer shared a moving statement in her memory.

    ‘My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness.

    ‘Hopefully my mom is free from pain and beginning to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom. Over those six days, thousands of friends, family, and fans made their hearts known to me,’ he continued.

    ‘I am grateful for their love, as I am for the support of my Dad, Coley, and my stepmom Alexi who continue to be my rock during this time. Rest In Peace Mom, I love you, Homer.’

    Heche shared her oldest son Homer with her ex-husband Coleman ‘Coley’ Laffoon, whom she was married to from 2001 until their 2009 divorce.

    She reportedly ended her three-year relationship with Ellen DeGeneres to be with the cameraman.

    She shared her younger son Atlas with the Canadian actor James Tupper, whom she got close to when they starred together on her ABC series Men In Trees.

    She reportedly left her husband for her costar, but the two actors broke up in 2018.

    More recently, Heche began dating her Hung costar Thomas Jane.

    ‘She was crazy in love with him,’ a friend told DailyMail.com exclusively. ‘After so many failed relationships she thought she finally found her person — the guy who would be in her life forever.

    ‘And when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart,’ they continued.

    ‘Anne has always had demons and in the end, when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart and she turned to the things that took her out of her funk before — bad things.’

    Heche was in a devastating car accident on August 5 in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood. After she first crashed her Mini Cooper into an apartment complex garage, she took off before crashing again, this time into the side of a home.

    The crash caused a massive fire that engulfed the home and her car while she was trapped within.

    Heche, who was hospitalized at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, suffered sever burns that would have required surgery.

    A statement released Thursday on behalf of her family and friends revealed that she had suffered a ‘severe anoxic brain injury,’ which was caused by her brain being deprived of oxygen for an extended time.

    Heche had been in a coma since the crash, and she was declared brain dead on Friday. However, though she was legally dead, her body was being kept on life support in hopes of identifying candidates to receive her organs, per her wishes.

  • 33 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    Lioness heroes Jess Carter and Fran Kirby step out with Lauren James at swanky Chelsea restaurant

    England’s trophy-winning Lionesses stepped out on a well-deserved night out in London two weeks after their historic win.

    Squad members Jess Carter and Fran Kirby were reportedly joined by Lauren James when they were pictured at Bluebird Café in Chelsea, west London.

    Carter was spotted in a shiny peach blouse and chic leather skirt.

    Chelsea’s Fran Kirby followed behind her England teammate in the posh London eatery.

    Kirby sports an oversized black-and-white shirt and denim skirt alongside a black quilted handbag.

    They were joined by England U21 Lioness Lauren James who is a teammate of Kirby at club level.

    England’s women have newfound fame and reverence after their stunning victory against Germany at Wembley Stadium on July 31.

    Since the trophy win, the team have been pictured enjoying themselves and their glory.

    Winning goalscorer Chloe Kelly was filmed jubilantly belted out ‘Vindaloo’ with her England teammates and later attended a barbecue to celebrate the Lionesses historic Euro 2022 win.

    The England winger, 24, took to her Instagram to passionately share with fans that she is ‘still buzzing from yesterday’ before posting a video outside in the sunshine with her family and friends.

    Ms Kelly recorded herself dancing on a bus with her England teammates singing the iconic football track before smiling and laughing as she excitedly starts singing before the song begins.

    Meanwhile, Leah Williamson shared an image of her teammate Beth Mead in a car clutching two McDonald’s takeaway bags, as they celebrate their triumph over Germany.

    As Ms Kelly arrived home this evening, her PE teacher Julie Curley recalled her football ‘skills’ on her first day in the playground.

    She told Sky News: ‘I remember her first day so clearly, I walked through the playground and I could see this young blonde girl doing kick-ups in the playground and a large group of people gathered around her. And I thought wow, this girl has skills, who is she? And little did I realise just quite how skilful she was.’

    England’s victorious Lionesses partied with thousands of fans to celebrate their historic Euro 2022 win – the nation’s first major football trophy for 56 years – with the hungover players belting out Sweet Caroline and admitting they have ‘partied more than we’ve played football in the last 24 hours’ a day after their triumph.

    Around 7,000 supporters went wild at the event hosted by Alex Scott in Trafalgar Square, where fans were dancing in the fountains last night after Chloe Kelly’s extra time goal.

    Many of the players were wearing dark sunglasses after MailOnline revealed that they were dancing and singing in their hotel until 4am – but roared on by the crowd they proved they were ready to celebrate again this afternoon.

    Addressing the huge crowd in central London today, captain Leah Williamson raised the trophy and said: ‘We’ve partied more than we’ve played football in the last 24 hours’.

  • 33 минуты назад 13.08.2022Showbiz
    Peter Andre’s daughter Princess looks just like her famous parents

    Princess Andre recently shared a snap on her Instagram account, and fans were quick to comment on the resemblance between the teen and her parents.

    Princess, 15, posted the snap which consisted of her posing on a sofa, to her 539k followers on Saturday.

    Captioning the post with ‘How quick are the summer holidays going, can’t believe there’s only a few weeks left!’

    The caption also included a discount code and hashtags for her paid AD with Shein.

    Where Princess donned a plain white cropped top and green joggers from Shein for the snap.

    The comments for the post soon blew up however with a variety of compliments, and her followers were quick to gush over how much she looks like her famous parents.

    And her dad, Peter Andre, 49, wrote ‘Love you bist [red heart emoji].’

    One follower quickly compared Princess to her mum Katie Price and wrote, ‘Goes by very quickly just like your mum Princess your hair is beautiful.’

    Another follower also added, ‘Beautiful like your mum.’

    However, Princess doesn’t just get comparisons to her model mother, she also gets frequently told that she resembles her dad.

    And one follower, in particular, was quick to jump in by saying that Princess doesn’t look like Katie.

    And instead said that she is ‘the spit of her dad not Katie.’

    Princess also recently made headlines for her resemblance to her dad Peter when he shared an old snap of himself with curly hair in the 1990’s.

    He captioned the black and white photograph with ‘Mysterious curls: Throwback Thursday with my awesome cousin back in early 90s’

    However, some fans were left shocked by his curly ringlets because Peter had always worn his hair straight over the last few years.

    And as soon as he posted the photo, immediate comparisons were drawn between him and Princess, who also has naturally curly locks.

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Showbiz 'She'd kill you' Joan Crawford shuts down interviewer in probe over Bette Davis feud