Honey Boo Boo is a senior! The reality TV star, 16, is seen in a yellow cap and gown

Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo, is going to be high school senior this fall.

On Friday the 16-year-old former reality TV queen – who got her start at age six on Toddlers And Tiaras before landing her own show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – shared images from a photo shoot for her last year in school. The star looked proud as she wore a yellow cap and gown.

There was no sign of her mother, 42-year-old Mama June – birth name is June Shannon – whom she is estranged from. Her sister Pumpkin – also known as Lauryn – Shannon – who has been raising her for years, was seen on set.

She has been attending Wilkinson County High School in McIntyre, Georgia.

The star was seen with both casual clothing on and more formal attire as she posed for the professional shoot.

In one set up she had on a black sweatshirt that said SENIOR on front with a white mini skirt.

The pictures will appear in the yearbook of her Georgia high school. ‘Senior year!!’ wrote Boo Boo in her caption ash she uploaded a carousel of images.

She was also seen with sister Pumpkin, 22, and her new baby Bentley, age one.

Pumpkin shared, ‘Today my not so little sister had senior pictures done❤️.

‘I’m so proud of how far you’ve come against all odds that have been thrown at you,’ she added. ‘Here to Alana’s last year of high school. Excuse me while I ugly cry lol ❤️. We love our lana @honeybooboo.’

On their show, Honey said she did not know if her mother would come to her high school graduation in 2023 if she asked her to.

On Mama June: Road to Redemption she told her therapist, ‘I’m kind of over it at this point. I think I’m at the age where I’m not like sitting there like, oh I just wish my mommy was coming home. Like Mama is gonna do what Mama is going to do.’

It’s a good thing Pumpkin has stepped in.

In June Lauryn was granted sole custody of Alana.

This agreement allows mom June to call Alana daily but Lauryn determines the visitation rights. And Mama has to pay $800 per month in child support. The setup ends when Alana turns 18.

Mama has had a challenging past few years.

She was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

And was given felony charges for drug possession in 2019.

June is grateful Pumpkin has taken over.

‘I’m very thankful for her because the situation could have been a lot different,’ Mama June told Page Six in June.

‘Pumpkin stepping up, I’m very grateful because it could have turned into a bad situation. At the time Alana went to go live with Pumpkin at the beginning, I couldn’t even take care of my own self — more or less take care of anybody else.’

Boo Boo seems to be doing well as she continues to date her college boyfriend Dralin Carswell.

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  • 4 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    The Block’s Sarah-Jane Wilson accuses co-star Elle Ferguson of blocking her on Instagram

    Sarah-Jane Wilson has accused Elle Ferguson of blocking her on Instagram following her departure from The Block.

    Influencers Elle and her fiancé Joel Patfull sensationally quit The Block’s Tree Change season after just 48 of filming earlier this year.

    Sarah has now claimed Elle recently blocked her on social media, while discussing the scandal during an appearance on Channel Nine’s Weekend Today on Sunday.

    Today host Belinda Russell asked: ‘You’ve had no contact with (Elle and Joel) since they left?’

    ‘No, I got blocked. She blocked me on Instagram,’ Sarah-Jane responded.

    ‘I went to show someone her page the other day, because they were like, “Who is this person?”‘

    ‘And then I was like, “Oh my god, I’ve made it, I’ve made it in the world, a celebrity has blocked me”.’

    It comes after Elle and her footy star fiancé Joel made headlines for pulling out of The Block just 48 hours into filming.

    The couple made the difficult decision to leave after Joel’s mother Trish fractured her neck during a fall at her home in Adelaide.

    Joel’s mother reportedly broke her coccyx and fractured her wrist.

    Following their exit, Elle, 36, shared a photo to Instagram of the pair’s suitcases at Melbourne Airport, and captioned it: ‘Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, family always comes first.’

    A Channel Nine spokesperson confirmed their departure to Daily Mail Australia, saying: ‘Over the weekend, we were surprised to have one of our new contestant teams depart The Block a few days into filming for the upcoming season.

    ‘We wish them all the best for the future and we’re excited to cast two new Aussies for the opportunity of a lifetime on The Block. The Block Tree Change will air as scheduled later this year.’

    Host Scott Cam has since accused the pair of fleeing The Block in the middle of the night and giving no explanation for their departure.

    He rubbished their excuse, telling News.com.au that while Joel’s mother did injure herself before filming began, this wasn’t the excuse the couple gave for throwing in the towel.

    In fact, he claims, they didn’t give any excuse at all.

    ‘They didn’t give us a reason why they were leaving. They never mentioned anything to us about visiting their sick mother,’ the long-time host said on Tuesday.

    ‘We flew them to Adelaide before The Block started for a week, and put them up in a hotel so they could see [Joel’s mother], and they came back and said everything’s fine,’ he added.

    ‘They never spoke to us [about quitting]; they just left in the middle of the night.’

    Scott went on to claim the couple ‘never mentioned’ Joel’s ailing mother ‘in the 48 hours before they left, or after they left’.

    Speaking to TV Week, Scott also insisted The Block would have been prepared to temporarily shut down production to accommodate the couple’s visit to see Joel’s mother, if they had been made aware of the situation.

    ‘Of course, family comes first on The Block – we’ve stopped production before when people have had family emergencies,’ he said.

    ‘And of course, I wasn’t referring to somebody going to visit their sick mother… It was because they’d given us no reason.’

  • 4 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Megan Thee Stallion puts on cheeky display for NYC outing… after release of album Traumazine

    Megan Thee Stallion put on a sizzling display as she stepped out in New York City on Saturday following the release of her newest album Traumazine.

    The 27-year-old singer-songwriter modeled a pair of ultra tiny patterned shorts that highlighted her backside.

    The psychedelic pattern, boasting shades of blue, green and red, was also featured on Megan’s tiny cropped tee.

    She accessorized with a matching headband, as well as a number of beaded necklaces, huge hoop earrings and a diamond belly button ring.

    The Sweetest Pie singer walked on tall bronze high heels and her metallic acrylic nails jutted out like claws from her fingers.

    Megan’s long black hair fell all the way down her back ending at the very top of her thighs.

    The superstar walked around the Rough Trade Record store in Rockefeller Plaza just a day after her new album Traumazine was released.

    Chart Data’s Twitter announced that Traumazine had ‘entered the top 10 on US Apple Music,’ a fact that Megan shared with her Twitter followers.

    Her former collaborator, Cardi B, also shared a post to her own account to show her support for the rapper.

    The new album has 18 songs on it including the song Sweetest Pie featuring Dua Lipa which came out back in March.

    Two further singles, Plan B and Pressurelicious, were released in April and July, respectively.

    Megan discussed the album during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, where she noted that she wrote the record’s material with a specific intention in mind.

    ‘I want to take you through so many different emotions. At first you was twerking, now you might be crying,’ she said.

    The performer added: ‘I just always want people to remember, “Yes, Megan Thee Stallion, she was great, she was a rapper. She was one of the best rappers, the coldest.”‘

    Traumazine was made available to Megan Thee Stallion’s fans on Friday.

    The hitmaker’s newest record has since received widespread critical acclaim.

  • 4 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Pregnant Mandy Moore receives Virtuoso Award from Milo Ventimiglia at the 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards

    Mandy Moore was honored with the Virtuoso Award during the 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards which were held at The Beverly Hilton earlier Saturday night.

    The talented actress, 38, was handed the award from her This Is Us co-star, Milo Ventimiglia, as she walked on stage.

    The mom of one, soon to be two, was the honoree of the special award due to her exceptional work throughout her career in the industry for the past two decades.

    The star was honored with the Virtuoso Award, which is given to an, ‘individual who has cultivated the industry with their talent that expands well beyond a singular role,’ according to Deadline.

    Scott Menzel, the HCA Founder, explained that the actress received the award due to her transformation throughout her career.

    ‘Moore’s talent is undeniable, and her work on This Is Us solidifies that as she was able to combine all of her talents within this final chapter that included a multifaceted performance that left millions around the world in tears.’

    Mandy accepted the award from Milo, who also played her on-screen husband in the popular NBC series, with an excited smile.

    After receiving the award, Mandy gave a heartfelt speech, talking about how touched she was.

    ‘This is wild,’ she stated. ‘I’m so honored just to be invited to the party let alone have the chance to be up here is just beyond my comprehension.’

    She then opened up about how long she has been working in the entertainment industry, having starred in movies such as The Princess Diaries (2001), A Walk To Remember (2002), Tangled (2010), and Because I Said So (2007).

    She also is known for her incredible voice, and has released music albums including Mandy Moore (2001) and In Real Life (2022).

    ‘I’ve been doing this for 23 years…but the last six years undoubtedly have just been the most momentous of my career,’ she stated, referencing to her most recent NBC drama series, This Is Us. The show aired its final and sixth season earlier this year.

    She also gave a shoutout to Milo, adding, ‘You have been the ultimate partner and TV husband and it has been an honor to get to do this with you for six years.’

    Earlier in the evening, the stunning actress walked the red carpet, showing off her elegant style.

    Mandy wore a long, black gown with a floral pattern, showing off her growing baby bump. The high-necked dress contained cape sleeves and fell down towards her ankles.

    She slipped into a pair of black, open-toed heels to complete her overall look for the night. Her hair was parted in the middle and pulled into a sleek up do.

    Milo kept his red carpet look classic and simple, wearing an all black suit and a dark-colored dress shirt underneath.

    He slipped into a pair of shiny black shoes and slicked his hair back to complete his look.

    Other This Is Us alum attended the star-studded ceremony, including Justin Hartley. He had his wife and actress, Sofia Pernas, by his side.

    He donned dark pink dress pants and added a white dress shirt covered by a light pink blazer. His wife, whom he tied the knot with last year in 2021, stunned in a strapless, white gown with a high slit on the side.

  • 4 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Candice Warner shows off her toned legs in tiny shorts as she participates in Sydney’s City 2 Surf

    Candice Warner is known for her incredibly fit physique.

    And on Sunday, the former Ironwoman, 37, proved just how she stays in such great shape as she worked up a sweat.

    The cricket WAG showed off her toned legs in tiny black shorts as she participated in Sydney’s City 2 Surf annual charity run.

    Candice wore a black T-shirt, black sneakers and sunglasses for the event.

    Candice, a former Ironwoman and surf lifesaver, first competed professionally at the age of 14.

    She retired from the sport to start a family with her cricketer husband David Warner, who she married in 2015.

    Last year, Candice revealed the secrets to her fit physique to Daily Mail Australia.

    The blonde bombshell and busy mother of three said that she eats clean and trains mean, but doesn’t mind having the odd sweet treat or glass of wine on occasion.

    ‘When it comes to eating, it’s all about a balance,’ Candice said.

    ‘I try to eat as cleanly and as healthy as I can, but I do have a sweet tooth. If the girls have a couple of little biscuits, I’ll share with them,’ the mother-of-three admitted.

    ‘If they’re having an ice cream on a hot summer’s day, I’ll have that. I do like to have a glass of wine with my husband. So everything in moderation. I’m not, “you can’t do this, can’t have that”. For myself, I can’t sustain it.’

    Candice said at the time that when it comes to exercising, she enjoys hitting the gym or going for a walk with a weighted vest on and loves the mental benefits of exercise.

    ‘Last year, I was focused on getting stronger and fitter for SAS Australia and now it’s just about maintaining the workload I did last year, so it’s about having fun training,’ Candice explained.

    ‘I’m doing a lot more walks, sometimes I’ll put a 10kg or 15kg weight vest on and go for a walk, or just training in the gym. For me, exercise is more what it does to me mentally than what it does physically.’

    Candice said she clears her mind with exercise and feels like a ‘better mother and wife’ afterwards.

    ‘It’s my time away from the kids, I need that break, and it’s a time I don’t have my phone on me, it’s just me and my own thoughts and a lot of time it’s where I do my brainstorming and thinking as I’m not clouded and I can really just focus on what I need to,’ she refreshingly said.

    ‘Afterwards, I feel like I’m a better mum and wife… mentally I need it [exercise].’

  • 4 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Patsy Palmer dons a red T-shirt and white shorts while heading to her own DJ gig in Malibu

    Patsy Palmer was all smiles while heading to her own DJ gig at an art gallery in Malibu on Saturday.

    The former EastEnders star, 50, kept things casual in a red T-shirt and white shorts with doodle prints, while storing her essentials in a wicker bag.

    Strolling through the Californian city in a pair of white trainers, she clutched her mobile phone and went make-up free to showcase her natural beauty.

    It comes after Patsy shared a rare snap of all three of her children as she celebrated son Fenton’s 22 birthday.

    The star took to Instagram to upload an image of sons Fenton, Bertie and daughter Emilia, 20, captioning the shot: ‘Happy birthday Fenton, we love you’.

    Patsy shares the trio with with husband Richard, while she also has Charley Palmer Rothwell, 30 – her UK-based son with former partner Alfie Rothwell.

    The image sees Patsy’s offspring beaming at the camera as they draped their arms over each other’s shoulders.

    Model Emilia showed off her toned midriff in a black bralette and a sheer shirt, while her brother’s opted for casual ensembles.

    Patsy, who gained fame for her role as Bianca Jackson in the BBC soap, also shared a throwback family snap to her stories, this time featuring herself and husband Richard.

    She penned: ‘Happy birthday to our beautiful boy Fenton. We love you so much.’

    It comes after Patsy celebrated her own 50th birthday in May, heading out in Hollywood to acknowledge the milestone.

    The actress, who has now turned to DJ’ing and wellness influencing, headed to swanky The West Hollywood Edition Hotel with some pals for her birthday night out.

    Patsy sported a pink sequin-embellished maxi dress for the evening, which featured a long sleeve, cinched waist and plunging cross-over neckline.

    The birthday girl added a matching bralette underneath the dress, and preparing for a night on the dance floor, dressed her glam look down with a pair of Nike Jordan high top trainers.

  • 1 час, 50 минут назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Scary’ Poldark star Aiden Turner details fears of filming first episode of ITV drama

    Actor Aidan had to overcome his fear of heights as his character, Dr Joe O’Loughlin, had to stand on a building’s ledge to try to help someone wanting to jump on the upcoming ITV series. Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media, the Irish TV star admitted: “It was kind of scary” and that his “shrieks” were real.

    The Suspect follows Dr Joe, a clinical psychologist, who is clearly hiding some dark secrets.

    Although he seems to have it all, a different side of Joe emerges after a shocking event shakes his world, and the audience is left questioning whether or not Joe is one of the good guys.

    Part of the first episode sees a tense moment where Joe is walking around the edge of a tall building.

    Reflecting on the opening stunt, Aidan admitted he wasn’t looking forward to shooting the scene.

    “It was terrifying,” he admitted. “I’m not good with heights.

    “And we’re still quite high up, which is great when you do these things because you could just infiltrate your own real emotion.

    “[It helps] for playing fear, or dialling that up.

    “If there wasn’t a height, if you’re doing a green screen thing, for instance, I mean, they’re really tricky.

    “Because to try to evoke that emotion from yourself, it’s harder, you tend to overcook it.”

    The actor laughed: “Those shrieks or whatever I’m doing in the scene are real.

    “It was kind of scary, but it still felt very safe, which is great.

    I think it’s a great introduction for the character too. And it’s a great way to start.”

    Luckily Aidan didn’t have to delve too much into the secrets his character is keeping as he admitted he is “terrible” at keeping tight-lipped.

    “I always give things away!” he told the press as he reflected on the twists and turns of the storyline.

    Director James Strong also talked about the opening scene and admitted it had been “complicated” to pull off.

    The Suspect’s gripping first episode will soon be available for audiences to watch.

    Thriller fans will not be let down by the drama, which is also starring Shaun Parkes and Anjli Mohindra.

    The official synopsis reads: “Turner plays Doctor Joe O’Loughlin who appears to have a perfect life with a devoted wife, loving daughter, successful practice as a criminal psychologist, media profile and publishing deal.

    “When a young woman is found dead he is only too willing to offer help with his profiling and expertise.

    “But as the investigation into the woman’s death gathers pace, we start to ask, do we know the real Joe, or does he have a secret life?”

    The Suspect will start on ITV this month.

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Showbiz Honey Boo Boo is a senior! The reality TV star, 16, is seen in a yellow cap and gown