Gigi Hadid, 27, looks in good spirits as she touches down in Milan for fashion week

She has reportedly been spending time with Leonardo DiCaprio in recent weeks.

And Gigi Hadid looked in good spirits as she landed in Milan for the city’s annual Fashion Week on Thursday, joining her sister Bella Hadid, 25.

Gigi, 27, cut a casual figure as she departed the airport in a burgundy jumpsuit with a gold patterned detail.

The media personality also sported a white crop top with a scooped neckline along with a matching pair of trainers.

Adding to her outfit with an eye-catching gold necklace, Gigi complimented her look with a pair of sunglasses.

Styling her blonde locks into a ponytail, the star carried a black handbag and a bright orange suitcase with her as she left the airport.

The outing comes amid claims that Academy Award winner Leo has become very smitten with the supermodel after his split from Camila Morrone, 25.

The actor has been spending time with Gigi in New York City and is thrilled that they are getting to know each other as she is ‘his type,’ a source told People.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail recently shared exclusive images of the pair leaning into each other at a Manhattan party held at Casa Cipriani.

‘They like each other and are having a good time,’ a film source told the site, adding ‘he is taken with Gigi’.

‘She is the type of woman he is usually attracted to,’ added the source about Gigi – who has been friends with Leo for years.

Leo has previously dated the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli and Toni Garrn. His last girlfriend, Camila, was a brunette actress.

‘They sort of run in the same high profile circles and would see each other at events, clubs, restaurants and gatherings,’ the source added.

It comes after claims they are reportedly ‘getting to know each other’ less than a month after the end of his four-year relationship with Camila.

Following a number of reports that Leo had ‘his sights set’ on rebounding with the supermodel, an insider revealed to People that he ‘is definitely pursuing Gigi’.

‘They’ve been seen hanging out with groups of people. It’s only been a few weeks since the split. Since then, he’s been hanging out with friends and family,’ the source added in early September.

Gigi is also dealing with a recent break-up as she broke up with One Direction boybander Zayn Malik in October.

They were dating on/off since 2015 and welcoming a child, named Khai, age two, together in September 2020.

Earlier this month, InTouch, reported that ‘Leo and Gigi have hooked up a few times this summer’.

‘They have known each other for several years. They’re super attracted to each other. She is exactly his type: gorgeous, sexy but low-key with a one-of-the-guys attitude.’

Another one of their sources said it is ‘casual and not a constant thing,’ but a different source for the publication said that they are just hanging out as friends.

The two seem to have run in similar social circles over the years as back in December 2019, Us Weekly reported that Leo and Gigi partied together at an Art Basel Miami afterparty alongside Kendall Jenner and Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid.

Meanwhile, Leo’s ex Camila is moving on with her life, with a source telling People: ‘Camila is doing fine. She has a big group of friends that really care about her. She is moving on with her life. She is not in contact with Leo.’

Leo and Camila’s breakup occurred shortly after her birthday in July, which led to the actor being mocked online for seemingly only dating women under age 25.

She has since moved into a new apartment in Malibu and Leonardo is reportedly already on the prowl for a new flame.

It’s been claimed that Leonardo has been ‘partying every night’ since splitting with his girlfriend, hanging out with his ‘old crew and some girls’, according to Page Six.

The Revenant star was first introduced to Camila back in 2008, when she was only 12.

His longtime friend Al Pacino, who had dated Camila’s mother Lucila Solá for years, made the introductions, and Leonardo apparently remained friends with the family for years.

Leonardo and Camila officially got together sometime in 2017, following his break-up with model Nina Agdal, just days before the Cannes Film Festival, though representatives for both initially denied that they were together.

Back in July, Leonardo had been photographed with the Ukrainian model Maria Beregova, who is only 22, during his trip to Saint-Tropez.

DailyMail.com revealed that Maria had reverted to using her maiden name after divorcing her husband Abdelhafid, 30 — whose grandfather was a henchman of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Ukrainian beauty began using her her maiden name again while on the trip, where she was pictured with the Django Unchained star.

On the same trip, Leo was also spotted partying with his longtime friend Tobey Maguire. The Spider-Man star is part of DiCaprio’s famed ‘Pussy Posse,’ his group of male pals who partied with him throughout the ’90s.

Among the roster were Maguire, David Blaine, Jay Ferguson, Josh Miller, Ethan Suplee and Scott Bloom.

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Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) epic story is…
Hollywood star Jeff Bridges is well-known for appearing in blockbuster…
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EU officials hope the UK’s financial woes will help break the deadlock over Brexit negotiations surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol,…
NHS could be ‘finished’ by spending cuts caused by mini-budget, warns Bank of England
The National Health Service may be so heavily impacted by spending cuts brought on by Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget that it…
  • 1 минута назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    The Last Kingdom’s Micki Stoltt hints at Rognvaldr’s return ‘Fought to keep him alive’

    Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) epic story is almost at an end, with just one last appearance in Netflix’s upcoming film Seven Kings Must Die to come. Ahead of The Last Kingdom’s final chapter being released next year, actor Micki Stoltt has admitted he was surprised his Viking character Rognvaldr was kept alive for potentially more adventures in the show’s gripping final season.

    Danish actor Micki was convinced Rognvaldr would be killed off at some point in the final episodes of The Last Kingdom.

    In season five, the Viking warrior is introduced when he seeks refuge with his brother Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson) and his wife Stiorra (Ruby Hartley) at their stronghold.

    They soon discover he had actually plotted with Brida (Emily Fox) to storm the kingdom and take down Stiorra to strike a blow against her father, Uhtred.

    He’s then subjected to some immense torment from his brother, which initially led Micki to believe Rognvaldr would be killed off.

    “I feel like, when I’m watching, I’m like, ‘Rognvaldr is pretty close to dying all the time!’” he said.

    “He’s not a very fortunate character. He’s not lucky. I was like, ‘When am I going to die? Because it’s ought to happen at some point.’”

    Instead, Sigtryggr believes the gods had spared him when his wounds begin to heal, and the brothers reconcile.

    While Sigtryggr was sadly killed in a bout against Uhtred, Rognvaldr was left in charge of York after Stiorra refused to rule the city under the name of King Edward (Timothy Innes).

    “And I ended up a king!” Micki told the Screen Chronicles podcast. “And that was amazing that he finished off in that way.

    “Of course, I love Rog. I didn’t know where they wanted to go, and they were writing while we did it so you’ve got two scripts at a time.

    “I never knew exactly if he was going to die or not going to die.”

    Micki went on to reveal his acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, instilled even more passion for his character while they worked on his portrayal of Rognvaldr behind the scenes.

    “She said, ‘We’re going to fight to keep your character alive’,” he recalled.

    “So that was our point all the time, we wanted to keep him alive. We want people to cheer for him.”

    Despite Rognvaldr being granted the best possible ending, Micki admitted: “It’s hard because… ‘satisfied’ is a weird word. I was not satisfied with it ending.

    “We wanted another season. We want more. So it becomes a weird sort of satisfaction.”

    “But there was a huge satisfaction in finally having Uhtred back at Bebbanburg.”

    Now that Uhtred has been reinstated as the ruler of his home, he just has one last quest to fulfil to ensure the kingdom is safe.

    With the Saxon warrior set to make one last appearance in Seven Kings Must Die, could Rognvaldr be one of the seven rulers Uhtred must face in his last battle?

  • 1 минута назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    Blue Bloods season 13: Joe Hill feuds with Reagans as showrunner teases ‘crossed wires’

    Guest star Will Hochman was introduced in the 10th season of Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan’s (played by Tom Selleck) first grandson, Joseph Hill. He has since played a key part in several episodes of the popular CBS drama, but showrunner Kevin Wade has hinted he could potentially become a thorn in Frank’s side in his latest preview for the next instalment.

    Joe could continue to butt heads with Jamie (Will Estes) and the rest of the Reagans in the upcoming season of Blue Bloods.

    So far, Joe has been working in tangent with his uncle Jamie and aunt Erin (Bridget Moynahan) to investigate some of New York’s cracking cases.

    However, the hot-headed young detective’s worldview could start to clash with Frank’s more traditional values.

    Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line confirmed: “Showrunner Kevin Wade told me that he expects to have Will Hochman around as Joe ‘a fair amount’ this season.”

    Since the 10th season, Will has appeared in 10 episodes of Blue Bloods so far.

    Although he has not been officially promoted to series regular, Kevin confirms he could be showing his face much more regularly going ahead.

    The showrunner revealed he’ll make his first season 13 appearance in the upcoming premiere, Keeping the Faith.

    He teased: “There’s some crossed wires in an investigation between him and actually Erin and Anthony, and Danny.”

    Joe previously came under fire from Jamie when they argued about police practices in the season 12 episode, The Reagan Way.

    Jamie was furious when Joe’s task force gave their target a choice of working with them or getting killed by his bosses.

    His nephew snapped at him, “I’m not part of you!” in a heated row, though they later made up over a game of poker.

    However, Joe’s tougher policing tactics could come under fire again if he starts working closer with Jamie and the rest of the Reagans.

    “Echoing what you said, Wade likes Joe as ‘a wonderful character to write who’s a Reagan and who’s not a Reagan’,” TV Line reported.

    “‘He did not drink the whole vat of Kool-Aid of duty and honour and NYPD and that stuff.

    “‘We love to have a little outlet where we don’t have to be so ‘true blue’ about the whole thing.’”

    As his previous appearances revealed, Joe clearly doesn’t like playing by the rules and will stop at nothing to ensure law and order is kept in New York.

    With Jamie still on duty and Erin potentially becoming the city’s new District Attorney, however, he could find himself ostracised from the family if his task force continues to encourage poor policing.

    Although he’s still relatively inexperienced, could Joe eventually become a major antagonist for future Blue Bloods instalments?

    Hopefully, this isn’t the case, and Joe will soon learn the error of his ways and solidify his place within the Reagan family unit.

  • 1 минута назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    The Old Man’s Jeff Bridges on ‘most physical role’: ‘More fight scenes than all my films!’

    Hollywood star Jeff Bridges is well-known for appearing in blockbuster action films such as Iron Man, Tron Legacy and True Grit over the course of his stunning, decades-long career. He now stars in FX’s new thriller series, The Old Man, which is coming to Disney+ in the UK and has recently opened up about the challenges of filming the series following his battles with lymphoma and Covid.

    The Old Man’s leading man has revealed his first TV project in years may have been his most physically demanding role yet.

    Jeff stars as former CIA agent Dan Chase who abandons his quiet life of solitude when his old friend and FBI rival Harold Harper (played by John Lithgow) is tasked with tracking him down.

    Before the US series finally comes to UK audiences on Disney+, Jeff was asked if his performance as Dan was his most physical at the preview screening in London.

    “I think so,” he replied. “You know, I love stunts and fight scenes and stuff.”

    “And this one, here, I think I’ve done more fight scenes in this show than all my films put together.”

    Jeff worked closely with some familiar stunt performers, who clued him into their work on some of the best action available in Hollywood right now.

    “We had some incredible stunt supervisors,” he recalled. “Tim Connolly, Henry Kingi Jr and a stunt guy I’ve worked with for years, Thomas DuPont.

    “And they… they’re just the state-of-the-art. I asked Tim, ‘What is the state-of-the-art as far as fight scenes go?’”

    “He said, ‘Have you ever seen Atomic Blonde?’ And I hadn’t. But you know the scene down all those stairs like that!

    “And I hadn’t seen that, and I watched it and thought, ‘I’m in good hands. These guys know what they’re doing.’

    In addition to Charlize Theron, Atomic Blonde featured several fight performers and choreographers who have also worked on John Wick, The Matrix and Marvel franchises.

    After witnessing some of the film’s best sequences, which include a long and brutal fight scene down a flight of stairs, Jeff knew he was in safe hands on the set of The Old Man.

    As for his favourite move he performs in the series, Jeff revealed: “Heel to the testicles!”

    Throughout the production of The Old Man, Jeff’s role in the series was made even more demanding following his diagnosis of lymphoma.

    “They found a nine-by-12 inch mass in my stomach,” he remembered.

    “It’s lymphoma cancer, and they don’t know the chemo cocktail will be that will cure it. But they finally did it, they finally figured it out and it just imploded.”

    “The capper is… I open a letter from the treatment centre where I get my chemo, and it says, ‘It’s possible you have been exposed to Covid’.

    “That turned out to be true, and the Covid made my cancer look like nothing.

    “In the chemo treatment, you strip your immune system so I had nothing to fight the Covid. I was very close to death a couple of times. I didn’t think I was going to work again.

    “But two years later I show up to work like it’s been a long weekend! Like, ‘Guys, I’ve had the most bizarre dream!’”

    Thankfully, not only was Jeff able to make a full recovery to begin work on The Old Man again, he’ll soon be returning to California to get started on the thriller’s second season.

    The Old Man premieres Wednesday, September 28 on Disney+ in the UK.

  • 1 минута назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    Can Marsali and Fergus travel through time in Outlander?

    Only some characters can travel through time in Outlander but author Diana Gabaldon has kept the rules of how it works fairly loose about the mechanics of it. The only rule seems to be, the ability to traverse through different eras is a hereditary skill which both Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) and her daughter Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton) possess. Additionally, Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) and her distant relative Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) also can go through to different periods.

    In Gabaldon’s works, there are several other time travellers including Wendigo Donner (Brennan Morgan) and Ta’wineonawira or ‘Otter-Tooth – also known as Robert Springer – who both tried to change the course of history and stop the genocide of the Native Americans.

    Gabaldon’s works also reveal Parisian apothecary Master Raymond (Dominique Pinon) was a shaman, whose origins go back as far as prehistoric times.

    Additionally, the Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber) was another time traveller, who had lived in different eras and even travelled beyond his own lifetime.

    In the Outlander novel An Echo in the Bone, Percy Beauchamp tell Lord John Grey (David Berry) he believes Fergus Fraser’s (César Domboy) biological father is the Comte St Germain.

    If this is the case and with time travel being passed down through DNA, then in theory Fergus could also be a time traveller but he simply doesn’t realise it.

    This would mean Fergus could also go through the stones and even leave his own time behind, however, it appears he would be in a similar predicament to Claire because his wife Marsali Fraser (Lauren Lyle) can’t travel through time.

    Claire returned to the past to be reunited with her true love Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), who was stuck in the 1800s while she returned to the 20th century.

    Whether this is something Gabaldon addresses at some point remains to be seen, but the American writer has suggested Master Raymond needs his own set of books.

    If she does write more about Master Raymond then perhaps fans could learn more about Fergus’ abilities and indeed the Comte St Germain’s time travelling adventures.

    Domboy said: “I think he isn’t. But it’s funny because I saw these questions – they are so interesting as to if Fergus and Marsali know that the others are time travellers.

    “And no, they don’t and that’s what’s so great about them is that these two are the ones that are the postcard of the past.”

    He continued: “I wish they could time travel but they don’t and that’s the same with that struggle you have.”

    Domboy added: “Yeah, they haven’t time travelled. I don’t think if they ever do.

    “I don’t even know if there’s a scene in the future or in the books where they get to know it or witness it. I don’t think so. We would have heard of it.”

    While Lyle went on to say: “I don’t know. I think the fans would have told us, I think, because we get told stuff. You guys tells stuff all the time, which is so great and helpful.”

    Domboy went on to tease: “Yeah, it’s so nice. People told me who my dad is.

    “My dad is a character and it’s a character we know that had been before in prior seasons.”

    Gabaldon is planning to round off the Outlander series with a 10th and final novel, which is going to bring the story full-circle.

    The story will finish with Jamie’s ghost travelling to Claire in 1940s Inverness, but it’s unclear what the pair will speak about.

    The final book is also expected to tie up any loose ends and so Outlander fans could find out once and for all which characters can and can’t venture through time.

    Outlander season 7 is in production and seasons 1 to 6 are streaming on STARZPLAY now

  • 15 минут назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    The Project: Carrie Bickmore apologises for erratic behaviour, blunders

    Carrie Bickmore admitted to having ‘lost the plot’ after making multiple blunders while hosting The Project on Tuesday night.

    The 41-year-old stammered and stumbled over her lines several times, with her fellow panelists remarking on her strange and erratic behaviour.

    After the chaotic broadcast, she posted a compilation of her gaffes on Instagram and apologised to viewers for her mistakes.

    ‘I lost the plot on tonight’s show… and this is only a small sample of the mayhem… I blame [co-host] Kate Langbroek. Sorry, everyone!’ she wrote.

    Her first mistake came when she repeatedly slipped over her words while trying to introduce Guardian Australia political reporter Amy Remeikis.

    ‘She joins us ow – now,’ she stuttered. ‘Sorry, I’m really struggling tonight!’

    She later asked Remeikis: ‘Amy, what do you think – do you think this has the capacity to see some big head roll – some big heads roll?’

    After this gaffe, she buried her head in her hands in embarrassment.

    Comedian Peter Helliar later joked that an alarm in the background of the taping was coming from the ‘minibar’ in Bickmore’s dressing room.

    Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting Bickmore was under the influence of alcohol.

    Also during the show, Bickmore blurted out to Langbroek and guest panelist Dr Chris Brown that she’d ‘never found a lost dog’.

    Bickmore burst out laughing, which prompted Helliar to joke again: ‘Our producers are telling us pre-show drinks are cancelled! No more, no more.’

    Langbroek, who was filling in for host Waleed Aly, wrote on Instagram after the show: ‘I’m still not sure what happened tonight.’

    Fox FM presenter Fifi Box commented, ‘This is sooooooooooo funny,’ while KIIS FM host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson added: ‘This is the best, Carrie!!!!’

  • 2 часа, 1 минута назад 28.09.2022Showbiz
    Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser hints Rip will find out about Jamie and Beth past in season 5

    Despite being a pivotal cog in John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) ranch since he was young teen, there is one piece of family history Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) is in the dark about. For four seasons of Paramount’s Yellowstone and despite now marrying his long-time sweetheart Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), he has no idea her adoptive brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) is the reason she can’t provide him with a baby.

    The heartbreaking truth behind Beth’s inability to conceive wasn’t unveiled to Yellowstone fans until the third season.

    Despite years of pure hatred and vitriol thrown Jamie’s way from Beth, fans were none the wiser as to exactly why there was such resentment up until this point.

    Thanks to a flashback, it was revealed Jamie had taken Beth to an off-the-books clinic for an abortion after she fell pregnant with a young Rip.

    However, he kept it hidden from her that she wouldn’t be able to bear children ever again after the procedure.

    Beth’s traumatic childhood has hardened her into the no-holds-barred figure Yellowstone fans are so familiar with today.

    Combined with the blame she’s been putting on herself for her part in the death of her mother Evelyn (Gretchen Mol) too, it’s no surprise Beth isn’t the most emotionally stable.

    However, heading into season five, it finally sounds like she’ll have support from an outside force, case in point her new husband Rip.

    And judging by new quotes from star Hauser, Beth’s internal struggles and past traumas may come into the limelight and into Rip’s knowledge.

    “What I like about what [showrunner Taylor Sheridan] wrote is that he slow burns this year with me and Beth,” Hauser said.

    He continued: “In the beginning, there are some wonderful moments between the two of us.

    “(Then there’s) some stuff that she’s going through in her past, that she’s having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that,” the Yellowstone stat told Entertainment Weekly.

    With Beth finally seeking help from someone else for her past, could it mean Rip will finally discover what Jamie did?

    After all, Jamie isn’t exactly in the Duttons’ good books heading into season five, with John and Beth merely seeing him as a pawn to manipulate after blackmailing him for the part he played in Garrett Randall’s (Will Patton) death.

    So if Beth confides in her new husband, it’s unlikely she’ll be thinking of sparing her adoptive sibling.

    Rip is known to stop at nothing in order to protect Beth as well, even taking a bullet to the torso to protect her from the Beck brothers’ hitmen.

    Should he discover what Jamie did to Beth, he may take deadly action as reparation for depriving the two of their dream family unit.

    This wouldn’t be the first time the threat of Rip was used to send shivers down Jamie’s spine.

    After she discovered Jamie knew his biological father was behind the season three assassination attempts on the Duttons, she blackmailed him into killing him off or she’d tell Rip.

    So fearful of what Rip would do, Jamie killed his own father – but will season five see Rip finally take deadly action against him?

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Showbiz Gigi Hadid, 27, looks in good spirits as she touches down in Milan for fashion week